Tips for running on the beach

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

running on the beachDuring the summer of 2015 I visited Cape Cod and was able to go on a barefoot run on the beach. I started running just near the water but ended up running on rocks and a somewhat harder surface.

So, I moved my jog to just in the water. That was kind of cool, except I was worried that the splashing water would get to the iPhone in my pocket. Good thing it didn’t. 🙂 #priorities

I ended up running about 2 miles and it was a lot harder than other 2-mile runs I’ve been on. Overall, I’m glad I did experience running on a beach. The view is a bit of a distraction from the actual running 🙂 and my feet hurt for a couple of days after running on the uneven surface.

But, if you are a runner, I’d recommend the experience even if it’s a shorter-than-usual run.