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A running list of Uber/Lyft stories:

When riders tip the pay really isn’t that bad. $25/hour tonight.

Took a stripper to work and then the next ride was a pick up of a woman at the dentist office. #variety

200 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Uber rides! #custserv #rideshare

Tried to pick up a rider at an apartment complex and there were three rideshare vehicles pulling up and it appeared everyone was getting in the wrong ones. Always check the license plates and verify the name of the driver before you get into a car.

First ⭐️ review on Uber. She wanted to add a stop, then stop somewhere else without updating the trip. Stops are terrible anyway. Expect your driver to wait while you shop … umm okay. I finished the trip as she was shopping and we both gave each other one star.

Because Lyft gives me rides 10 to 20 minutes away in that particular week I had a 1% acceptance rate.

On the flipside I had one ride that came to me as I was literally in front of that residence.

Uber really wants me to update my debit card for express pay – which costs $.5. No way to turn these off?

When I was taking a Lyft In Chicago the driver was on the phone almost the entire time. Apparently it was an emergency. Do you care if drivers are on the phone while you’re on the ride? I barely noticed to be honest and was chatting with my travel partner.

Picked up a ride downtown on my way home. Not bad, given Uber was surging 4x with this wonderful weather. Cars were spinning out on the other side of the interstate so I called 911 on my Apple Watch.

I still find that an interesting experience. “Call 911,” into my watch.

Then I talked with the dispatcher over the watch while my phone kept giving me directions to the drop off.

A $20 ride for basically just driving home.

I guess I work for the tips only. LOL. This was a programming error and the rest of the $20 fare posted later.

Tax forms are starting to arrive…

If you are considering writing a book:

Last year my revenues from driving Lyft were 47x of what I made on Amazon selling books.

Now, that doesn’t include direct sales, which look better but still. Still worth writing a book though!

A passenger didn’t like the pickup experience because they had to cross a quiet residential street.

To Lyft passenger: “Why do you take Lyft over Uber?”

“My ex drives for Uber so I prefer not to ride with him.”

My rideshare driver in Nashville had moved to Nashville to record an album.

I think it’s an improvement that Lyft now adds the percentage of what a tip is to the tip function.

Was taking an Uber passenger to Walmart and she was commenting that she doesn’t understand why people go to Target since Walmart and Target are basically the same thing except Target is more expensive.

Was making chit chat with a passenger:

“What’s happening at <our destination>?”

“None of your business.”

When you are the only Lyft driver in town expect requests 20 minutes away.

I was on my way to pick up a passenger and my phone restarted because it was running an update.

What happens when your phone shuts down while you’re en route to pick up a passenger?

The app still stays connected unless they cancel and then when it turns back on it still shows you en route. So it’s good to know where you’re heading even when you don’t have GPS.

A daughter called an Uber for her dad who needed to go to an overnight shelter. She even tipped well.

Uber in Germany

Can this Uber driver really take me across the Atlantic?

New article: Tips for taking an Uber to and from a sporting event.

A passenger warned me that her constant talking might make me miss the exit.

Thanks for the warning?

Having a lot of cancellations can actually make you more money than taking people on lots of short trips. One cancellation after two minutes usually makes the driver $3.60. That means you could make around $40 in an hour if there are as many cancellations as possible. I am not sure I’ve ever made $40 an hour driving people around. Maybe the driving fares to the driver should go up?

I had one rider who was late and had to pay the cancellation fee. I made $3.60. He requested again and I took him to his destination. After Uber took its cut I made $3.98 on the actual (second) ride.

Took a couple to a Friendsgiving and they had all the food with them. So that made the car ? smell really good. I wish I had more people transporting food and fewer people transporting terrible body odor.

How I chose an Uber OR a rental car on trips!

I’m also surprised by how many people call Ubers for other people. So you think you’re picking up a Marie and there’s actually a Joseph.

In addition to the below story, I just picked an address somewhere in Marion and they were going to send a driver there. They really should not allow you to pick a location further than a certain distance from where you currently are.

I requested an Uber for this route and Uber matched me to a driver. How is that ever going to be possible? Drop me off in Maine?

It’s always sad to hear about the medical difficulties people face. For example, I was driving a relatively young person to dialysis.

I picked up a passenger from a massage therapy place and he said that he wanted to make sure I knew that it was a professional massage place and not one of those massage parlors.

Sometimes people need help getting in the car or with their luggage. I always put on my gloves.

Communication is an interesting thing! I took a passenger to his job at a convenience store and I asked if he wanted me to drop him off at the front door and he said “yes, I guess that’s fine.” But obviously wasn’t and he really needed to enter through the side door. I don’t understand why people just don’t say where they want to be dropped off. Communication might be hard but I’m literally just there to drop him off wherever he wants to be dropped off.

Uber bat cars for Halloween.

Self-driving Lyfts in Vegas.

A couple going to a wedding commented that the invitation said that juice boxes were available at the bar for the children. Very cool.

I was talking to a passenger about how the Lyft app allows you to earn Delta points just to see that I had received an email from Delta moments later. Now that’s some serious targeting. LOL. Or just coincidence.

I find it quite rude when you pull up to a bar and your passenger comes outside and then starts having a cigarette while you are waiting for him.

You know how some Uber drivers cancel a ride when they get a request for a closer Lyft ride (or vice versa)? Yea, riders do that too. “I cancelled the Uber because you were closer.”

Usually passengers who talk about how great of a tipper they are don’t tip at all. But there are exceptions, including the guy who tipped 50 percent.

New blog post: Things to consider when sharing things inside a rides vehicle

Tips can make a difference to your drivers. Look at the percentage makeup:

Passenger: “You’ll be in for a wild ride but don’t worry I won’t throw up.

Do not bite your nails and flip them onto my car’s floor.

I’m still amazed how many people call an Uber to be picked up from their grocery shopping. What happens to their frozen items when no rideshare car is available?

A passenger said he couldn’t find me one time because I wasn’t wearing a suit like in my profile picture:

A passenger apologized for the soap opera happening in the backseat while I was taking them to recover cars from the night before. Honestly, I didn’t even notice and heard much worse.

You only get to use the extended trunk or the third row if you ordered an Uber XL or a Lyft Plus.

On weekend mornings I seem to pick up a lot of couples who hooked up the night before at some bar and now need to get back to their cars which are still parked at the bar.

A passenger who is female told me she likes going to this bar because it’s only older people and she doesn’t have to let her “cleavage hang out” and deal with any of that stuff for the night.

A passenger told me that he just got $2000 in cash to pay for some repairs to his vehicle.

Was driving a guy around from the Silicon Valley who was on the phone the whole ride talking about million dollar deals and then couldn’t leave a tip on a $20 ($12 to me) ride. But he shook my hand so I guess that counts for something.

Gave a guy a ride whose bartender called Uber for him and paid for his ride home. “You don’t look like an Elizabeth.” “That’s my bartender.”

Student heading to acting class: “I like class but my instructor said I have talent except I didn’t use it.”

Uber ride Cedar Rapids to Iowa City to catch a greyhound bus to Chicago: $35 ($25 the driver keeps)

Greyhound to Chicago: $22.

Picked up a guy from a bachelor party and took him to a hardware store to buy some wood which was needed for a drinking game.

A passenger gave me a comparison review of the Uber and Lyft apps.

A passenger shared that the store she works at has a majority men for customers, but way more products for women.

A passenger traveled to Cedar Rapids from Bangladesh to sell his house which had been empty for two years.

A passenger called her younger brother’s employer to call him in as not being able to attend today so he could do school work.

A passenger told me she was arrested for drunk driving the weekend before and ran into a client inside the county jail.

One passenger was so drunk he set the destination to the bar we just came from.

“I’m taking Uber on my barhopping tonight. I don’t drive drunk anymore.” – passenger

When somebody calls a Lyft at 5 am on my way to the gym and I know they need to go the airport but I’m 20 away and they likely won’t understand how much it costs to drive 20 for a pickup.

I was taking a passenger to a department store where she was working a Sunday shift and she said Sundays are for people making returns. The lines are apparently long. Who knew?

A passenger who is also digital marketer told me that if they weren’t in digital marketing they would totally disconnect from online. It’s so scary what everyone knows about us.

I once missed an interstate exit because the passenger was loudly analyzing the Iowa defensivr line for me-or maybe more for him. LOL.

A passenger told me they only do cash tips and don’t have any cash. Thanks for letting me know? You can tip in app you know.

Sometimes GPS makes no sense. Please drive around this rider to not pick him up in the most quickest way possible.

[New post] Digital goals: What the new Uber Driver app does well

Get help with your points redemption and travel booking to travel cheaper and better

Sometimes when I have passengers who have immigrated into the United States we end up talking about where they came from and they often feel like they need to make the point that they’re here legally.

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A lot of passengers think that the drivers get all of the fees that they pay. In reality, drivers often get half and sometimes less.

Saving this note from Uber that I can’t drive in Chicago in case I ever get a ride here from Cedar Rapids:

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A passenger said they didn’t like the tone of the GPS voice. ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Your profile picture matters. Don’t make a creepy face.

When a passenger tells me they can’t afford that $5 ride I want to tell them to maybe walk next time. Uber will charge you anyway and I’m not giving you cash back. I don’t have any cash! ⭐️

Kid passenger traveling with family: “Ubers are always so clean. I guess they don’t eat in here.”

Passenger in the back sprays perfume and after spraying it says to me: “I hope you’re not allergic I just sprayed some perfume.”

Took a passenger from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City and as we were almost to Iowa City she remembered that she forgot her purse in Cedar Rapids. So I took her back to where I picked her up initially. We call that sightseeing by Uber.

Give more rides and we’ll allow you to do more marketing for us:

Since I drive Uber and Lyft in my hometown and share my rideshare diaries I now get occasional social media messages from people asking if I can give them rides.

A passenger plugged in his phone into my cord and when the music started playing he quickly told me how much he liked the song that was playing. Of course, it was a song playing from his phone that he had just plugged in.

Before I started driving I didn’t realize how common it was for others to call Uber for their friends. You think you are picking up Henry but it’s Mary and Henry just called the car from his account.

Sometimes Henry will meet us and ask if I should get a tip and 5 stars.

It’s been interesting to see how many people are dependent on rideshare to get to work. And it’s kind of a gamble to figure out when to call a car when drivers are even out to actually get to work on time.

On a streak of four rides with tips. ? Not a given! Appreciated.

It’s not necessary for passengers to shake hands with the driver.

Another revenue stream: Sponsored videos on YouTube.

“YouTube is my main thing.”

Gave a bartender a ride and he said he puts drink tickets on the cars left in lot after closing to thank everyone for doing the right thing and not drinking and driving.

READ NOW: Should business travelers use Lyft or Uber to schedule trips? Which schedules better?

Passenger: It’s not that far but I didn’t want to walk that many blocks in flip flops to pick up my paycheck.

I’m actually amazed how many businesses don’t offer/do direct deposit!

Wisdom from a sales guy riding with me:

A digital sales person calls a prospect to sell local search engine optimization services. Prospect:

“I’m in my office and searched ‘<my services> near me.’ We are showing up No. 1.”

Of course they are!

LOL. If you can’t negotiate your way out of that one might as well change jobs.

1) They are in the business location!

2) They use words they would use which likely are also on the business listing. But what do others use?

3) It’s a negotiation tactic!

I like the riders who give a six dollar tip on a five dollar fare.

If you tell me how much you enjoyed the ride could you also show me through a tip? ?‍♂️

I do appreciate hearing people’s stories of how they’re making a positive impact on the world. No matter how minor.

Male passenger: “Yeah, some random chick lives there. I’m now meeting my buddies for breakfast.”

Company while waiting for a passenger:

When a rider calls a regular Uber or Lyft and then expects to use the third row for free. That row only comes with Uber XL or Lyft Plus. Either cancel and call that or pay extra cash.

Recommendation for repeat riders in small cities: Tip, don’t make drivers wait and be nice. Once a driver gives you a rating of three ⭐️ or below you’ll never be matched with that driver again. That limits your pool even more.

“You got here super quick.”

“I’d take the credit but it’s total luck.”

$100/ week is $5200 a year

$200 – over $10k

$400 – over $20k

You get the idea. That’s why drivers can’t drive 20 minutes to pick up a 3-minute ride. Maybe Uber and Lyft should start paying drivers for pickup time driving.

The Uber surge pushes people to Lyft. So what to do? I usually take nearby rides on either but try to hold out for Uber surge rides.

Sometimes waiting pays. When I drop somebody off and there’s no immediate next ride I just hang out in the area and every once in a while if they decide to leave again I have a quick next ride with the last drive.

A Lyft passenger kept calling me the n-word.

Was about to pick up a passenger and they yelled: “Hey, <expletive>. <Expletive> park over there and wait.” Yes, no thank you. Cancelled the pickup.

I drive Uber once in a while now and a passenger got in my car and said that he’s been reading my stuff for over a decade. ??? #contentmarketing #storytelling #socialmedia

I’m a dad but it’s always a treat when passengers in the backseat are describing the wonders of childbirth.

A Lyft passenger wanted me to take him to a strip club but he didn’t list the strip club in the app because he didn’t want his employer to know that’s where he was going.

Sometimes riders complain when a car takes too long and sometimes they complain when you get there too quickly. “I didn’t expect to get here in three minutes.”

I appreciate parents that are calling in Uber with a little kid who bring a seat for the kid. Because if I don’t have the right seat in the car for them they can’t legally ride with me.

My daughter asked me why I have all those one dollar bills and I explained it’s tip money.

I take my fair share of people to work and home from work. Many are not too happy to be heading to work. every once in a while I get somebody who finished their first day at a new job and they are usually excited that they have a job.

It’s s interesting when a number of passengers in the Uber have a very intimate debate about their personal lives. Do they think I have earmuffs on?

Weekend day trips: Weekends are for car recovery trips.

When your neighbor calls a Lyft and you are sitting at home. “Be there in 1 minute.”

The best tippers?

Hospitality employees and business travelers – from my experience. Thank you!

Scheduling an Uber ride in advance is great for riders and with Lyft the app tells you when somebody accepted it in advance. But on Uber in Cedar Rapids they are not pre-accepted. I’ve never had Uber riders show for scheduled rides. Ugh.

Passengers really should stop ?thinking I smell? It was the passenger 10 seconds before you. I smelled it, too. Do you want to wait for me to detail the car?

When people expect you to speed because they called an Uber too late to get to their appointment will they also pay for the ticket and increased insurance? #notspeedingforyou

Rideshare passengers visiting from out of town often ask for recommendations on where to go shopping.

“Um, the Amazon app?” Lol.

One passenger told me she has to spend 8 dollars each Friday to take a Lyft to the bank to deposit her paycheck because her company doesn’t offer direct deposit. She doesn’t have a car and usually walks to work.

Automatic 1-star rating for a Lyft passenger when they are biting their nails in the back seat and spit on the floor.

#rude #talesfromtheroad #gross ⭐️?‍♀️ ?

Another reason why communication matters:

On my way to gym Uber passenger put far southwest side into app for destination but actually wanted to go to Czech Village.

Talking is important. #fixed

BUT: Instead of being thankful for me saving her some money, she complained about my clean car being dirty. Trying to not take the lesson as that I should have dropped her off at the wrong right spot.

Gave three Lyft rides:

1) Visitor from Mumbai who was basically sightseeing. I want to visit Mumbai again!

2) Ride to the airport. Airport rides usually tip the best!

3) Car recovery after a fun night! Thanks for not drinking and driving.

Tonight’s Uber story: I picked up a couple that called Uber to basically practice taking Ubers, which is what they’re planning on doing on vacation on the East Coast in a few weeks. They were nice.

On another Uber trip I was taking an engineer to a far-away Marriott. “Oh yea, I have to stay at Marriotts.” You can probably imagine where the rest of that conversation went. #points #points #points