Things to remember with your social media video in 2016 and beyond 

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Some have called 2016 the year of video and live streaming. I think that’s great because video storytelling and live streaming are great ways to take your authentic storytelling content marketing up a notch. 

And great videos can be shot and produced with the devices in our pockets – the smartphone. 

But there are also some things to consider as you are expanding or stepping into your socials media video game.

Linear loses viewers. One reason many of us dislike voicemail is because it’s so linear. You – at least in theory – have to listen to the whole thing to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Get to the point with your video or at least make it engaging enough for people to want to watch it further.

Over branding won’t help keep an audience. Really? A 30-second intro for your logo and theme music. I’m out.

Slideshows are not video – even when uploaded to YouTube as a video file. They are still just slideshows. 

Conversation on live streams rocks but when you upload the same video to YouTube later – since repurposing can be good – the conversation with the live audience from earlier can be a turnoff for the YouTube viewers.

Don’t always make people click. Yes, I’m still on the fewer linking soapbox. Many platforms now allow video to be shown natively (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). There are different time restrictions for all but reformat video for those channels and allow users to watch those pieces there. Clicking is hard work and not always worth it. 

How to approach social media video 

Some video stories work with a bit suspense and foreshadowing. Many videos that people post now do not. Some topics are still very market-y. Yeah, don’t do that either. It’s not a commercial. 

Consider how the end consumers might see the story and then tell it with them in mind. Think like a journalist:

  •  What are the most important details and should they be told first?
  • What’s the best video footage you have? Talking heads typically is not great video footage. 

  • Cut content like you are running out of time, which you are because people have short attention spans. Don’t cut necessary facts but only keep what will advance and help tell the story. 

Finally remember the people who might be interested in the video but can’t watch it right now. Post a transcript for them to read. This also helps with SEO.

I hope you and everyone  produce engaging and relevant videos this year to tell your authentic stories through this visual medium. 

Let’s make 2016 the year of video and live streaming.