Things we do online, but not usually offline

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online - poking peopleAs you know, I love the opportunities online publishing has given all of us. We can publish our own stories, connect with people and easily research topics of interest.

But there are some things that many of us do online, that we hardly ever do offline. Some examples:

  • Winking at people. 😉
  • Rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL)
  • Looking at so many baby pictures. (Yes, I’m guilty, too, of posting my infant daughter’s latest photo.)
  • Poking people. (I had actually thought this had gone by the wayside. But Facebook still allows you to poke people. Somebody actually did poke me the other day.)
  • Wishing everyone we know a Happy Birthday.
  • Remembering people’s birthdays.
  • Constantly sharing with all of our friends where we are. “I am at the airport, flying to xyz.” “Having lunch at restaurant abc.”
  • Become political commentators, sports commentators or current news commentators.
  • Live broadcasting our vacations. “Here’s a picture of my feet facing the ocean.”
  • Constantly checking in online to see what’s new with the friends we haven’t seen in decades.

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Certainly, connecting online has offered new levels of connections. We are able to keep up with people we would never have been able to stay connected to in the past for many reasons – including time, distance and so on.

But it can also be a time suck. For example: How often do I really need to check in to see what’s new and how many baby pictures of my new infant daughter do I need to post?

One thing that has made it offline (outside of Twitter) more and more unfortunately is the use of hashtags. I’ve seen people saying things like “Hashtag this is fun” or something along those lines in TV interviews and at events. Here’s an example:

Hashtags are best left for Twitter. And even there I would recommend to use them sparingly.