The Top 1 Way to Get Started Sharing Authentic Stories

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This is a short list. I know. 🙂 I could probably come up with a few more things that people could do to share their authentic stories:

  1. Make up their minds to do so.
  2. Document them.
  3. Share the stories quickly.
  4. Come up with a realistic workflow.
  5. Come up with a distribution plan.

As you can see I could (some might argue that I should) have changed this to “The Top 6 ways…”

But the point is that without this one piece it won’t make any difference what other steps are outlined in a process. Because we know that just because something is written on a piece of paper as a theoretical step, that doesn’t mean it will actually be implemented or done by the people in charge of the doing.

The Top 1 way to get started sharing our authentic stories:

  • Recognize the stories that happen in front of us, react and then actually share them!

Common sense, right?

But it’s actually harder than it sounds. Sometimes we focus on strategy (which is super important). Some people skip this step, too.

Other times we focus on the tools: Here’s a blog. it’s set up…

“Please blog now.”

“About what?”


There are plenty of stories surrounding us daily. Some are worth sharing. Some are quite routine and likely don’t warrant much publicity.

Some fantastic stories can be mis-categorized as routine and sometimes we don’t even categorize or spot stories at all. We just move on with our daily routines.

Task done. Check. Moving on to the next thing. Catching stories is the farthest thing from our minds.

Interestingly, missing stories worth sharing even happens to professional storytellers like content marketers or journalists, too. I remember times when a handful of journalists had access to the same event and people and even were near each other. All came back with and shared completely different stories.

One person even got a story that some editors thought was worth re-reporting for the competing newspaper.

“How did our reporter miss this?” they wondered.

It’s so easy in theory and intellectually. It’s much harder in practice.

The trick is to spot stories when they happen and then react.

Even when we try, we can miss them. So, how do you get there?

  • Encourage people to share stories.
  • Call the great ones out. Recognize people for them!
  • Be involved. It’s much easier to share the stories that we are a part of.

All the tools, tips and tricks to share stories don’t do us any good if we don’t spot the ones worth sharing in the first place. Let’s start there…