The No. 1 thing I hate about travel!

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It’s not about being away a third of the year or being in different time zones for me. I like it within reason.

I hardly ever complain about delays and usually make that a game that I’ll try to win.

It’s actually something I can easily avoid myself – if I remember to. I hate, hate, hate forgetting about distances once landed. ?I was thinking about this as I was looking at the locations for an upcoming Toronto trip in summer 2018.

I’m flying into Toronto Pearson, am staying in a Marriott in Toronto and will go to a baseball game at Rogers Centre – also in Toronto.

But Toronto doesn’t equal Toronto. The distance from place to place is like 40 minutes here and 35 minutes there.

That seems like common sense. But I still forget about checking distances. And maybe more importantly I forget about the cost and time.

Not all places are like Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where my rush-hour drive hardly ever means bumper to bumper.

In November, we are doing this itinerary: Cedar Rapids-Paris-Madrid-Düsseldorf-London-Cedar Rapids. Here’s how that looks on a map:

The Paris stop is largely paid for with points. So that means I pick a nice hotel that I have enough points for, but then usually forget to check the exact distance to things we want to see. Sometimes, I check distances but then take a nicer hotel for the points I have and complain about the distances later.

In Madrid, we are doing a six-hour turn. I’m not in charge of where the airport is in relation to locations worth visiting – but still.

In Düsseldorf, we are close to everything and the subway is right there to head downtown for the annual Weihnachtsmarkt.

It’s the first time that I’ll be flying into London City Airport to speak at a conference 10 minutes from the airport in the heart of town. 10 minutes driving time in London! I have never heard of such a thing.

The first time we visited London we flew into Heathrow which is a ways from anything and it felt like we spent our day in cabs taking us from one thing to another.

It was fun, but the driving time – ugh.

So, easy solution: Use the Google Maps app and see what estimated drive times are between locations (hotel – touristy sight, etc.)

Then weigh that potential cost (money AND time) to the hotel cost and also payment of method – points vs. cash for example.

Now, I just need to remember to do this myself. ???