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#Thanksgiving is not about #Thanksgetting

Christoph Trappe

November 25, 2015

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stewart meekVerizon decided to run on Twitter a #Thanksgetting hashtag campaign right before Thanksgiving 2015.

It just struck me as odd. I’m thankful for a lot of things this year:

  • An awesome career, team and boss.
  • A healthy family
  • A life that has lots of great experiences because of the people in it. I have stopped talking work-life balance. I want (and have) just a life.

I’ve even made sure to send little notes to many who mean a lot to me. I’m thankful. Thanksgiving reminded me to enjoy the moment.

Now, seeing the #Thanksgetting hashtag didn’t make me feel any less thankful and I’ll still enjoy the holiday and my life.

But it just seemed not to fit the spirit of the season. It’s about giving and being thankful – not about getting. Even my seven-year-old is behaving in line with the spirit of thankfulness – surprisingly, actually.

I’m not necessarily opposed to getting deals that keep the spirit in mind. In fact, this morning, I received an email from Delta Airlines that in essence said this:

Send flowers to those you are thankful for. Earn 35 miles per dollar spent.

Yes, I’m getting miles for sending flowers to my wife – because I’m thankful for her and all she does – but Delta and the flower people phrased that quite nicely and kept the spirit of Thanksgiving in mind. (Even though, I realize I’m getting miles in return for giving something.)

I did have some offline discussions about this and some people said they found the #Thanksgetting hashtag clever – even while not completely in line with the spirit of Thanksgiving. “Why can’t we be thankful first and then worry about buying and getting stuff the next day. But that’s not how it is anymore.”

You’ve probably read my stuff on here about not everyone being our target audience. Not everyone loves us! Surprising, I know. Ha. But here’s the thing, perhaps all of us wondering about the appropriateness of that hashtag are not Verizon’s target audience at all. Maybe they’ll still make a killing off the campaign. We may never know. They may even call it a success based on what they set out to accomplish. Hat tip to them if that’s the case.

From what I saw (and I did not analyze millions – or whatever the number was – of tweets), the response on Twitter seemed to be of negative sentiment:



IMG_5349At the least it has given us something to talk about on Twitter today and maybe Verizon got out of it what they were going for.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy the holiday and I hope everyone has something to be thankful for.

(I did offer Verizon the opportunity to add comment to this. Still happy to add it.) 



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