Thank you, protein bars, for keeping our secret that you are just a candy bar – Jimmy Fallon

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Every Friday, late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon writes funny thank you notes. The clip below includes the protein bar note.

“Thank you, protein bars. I know you are just a candy bar. You know you are just a candy bar. But I’m glad we can share a delicious chocolaty lie together.” – Jimmy Fallon’s thank you note. The whole clip below is pretty funny, but this particular part starts at 3:12 minutes.

Jokes can be so true and hit home. Certainly, many protein bars are helpful in diets and help us with counting calories. Recording calories is easy with protein bars. The calorie total is right there on the wrapper and typing in the bar’s name into the My Fitness Pal app allows us to record the exact nutritional stats of this piece of food.

So that’s good, but there are also negatives.

  • Protein bars are kind of expensive.
  • Some protein bars taste so good, that once you start it’s hard to stop eating just one more. (That sounds like a candy bar to me.)  Eating one after another also doesn’t help with calorie intake.

Interestingly, protein bars have come a long way. I remember when I first was introduced to protein shakes and bars in the early 1990s. Just about everything I tried then tasted terrible. Not just not good, but down right yucky. I wouldn’t have called them candy bars then. Eating them was a workout.

Today, bars do taste pretty good and are somewhat filling.

Maybe Jimmy has a point and let the secret out of the bag. Either way, protein bars can be a good and quick snack when we need one. Especially if we can control our urges to eat one after another after another.

MET-Rx bars at AmazonSome bars, like these Met-Rx bars that I like, aren’t even called protein bars. They are meal replacement  bars and come at 380 calories a pop. Delicious.