Technology evolution: American Airlines now has mobile entry into at least one Admiral Club

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I’ve had an Admirals Club membership for a while feel it pays for itself with all the travel I’m doing. And one year I paid for it with miles anyway.

With my love for useful technology I was especially happy when I saw a new tech rollout while visiting the club at the Phoenix Airport in January 2018.

Going to the app and finding my nearest club, I could check in directly in the app.


I clicked on the club to visit:

Bottom right offered me mobile entry. It’s only possible when actually being nearby. I tried checking in from home in Iowa and that doesn’t work – so there’s some kind of geo fence around it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Once there the app gave me a check in image to show while walking in.

Already I thought that was great. And then when we walked in the l club employee greeted me by saying “welcome Mr. Trappe.”

Kelsey Guetschow and I call that a customer delighter in our book. Since it was a down-and-back trip we went back to the same lounge later that night and used the mobile check in again. It worked great but this time the staff member said it was the first time he saw that it worked.

Very cool. I like being an early adopter.

I assume the actual advantage will be that you don’t have to stand in line when there’s a line. I don’t like lines so that’s great.

Walking into the club at the Charlotte airport did allow me to skip the line but some employees didn’t know about the functionality. On my latest stop before updating this post one employee didn’t know what the mobile check-in screen was – a half a second before another employee hollered: “I got you. Welcome.”

The functionality is kind of hidden in the app and I stumbled across it, but overall it looks to be a tool that is customer-centric and can be helpful.

Overall, I like this and use it most of the time when it’s available. So far, I’ve seen it in Phoenix, Austin, Nashville and Charlotte.

This was first written in January 2018 and then updated in February 2018.

Some more pictures from my Phoenix day-trip: