Super Bowl ads: Nice job by Sam Adams beer responding to social media chit chatter about syrup or no syrup

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Bud Light has been a mainstay with Super Bowl commercials over the years.

During the 2019 game between the Rams and Patriots they ran a commercial about corn syrup being delivered to them by mistake. Apparently it was supposed to go to Miller or Coors lights. Those beers I guess use corn syrup and Bud Light doesn’t.

No idea and also no clue why o care.

I drink beer and I didn’t really follow so I tweeted this snarky tweet:

And true story – I am enjoying some Sam Adams Bavarian lagers during the game.

Then the official Sam Adams account responded with the scoop:

As you can see they responded from an iPhone. No social media command center needed.

Just allow employees to handle social and do what it takes. Well done! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Side note:

I find it interesting that I still feel like these responsive accounts are worth calling out. But there are way too many companies that have accounts that just sit there.

If you are on a channel make sure somebody pays attention – which is relatively easy to do when people tag you and you have notifications turned on.

And be sure you know what the details are when you return!

Just like we saw with the YouTube TV search volume search volume for corn syrup and Bud Light also went up on Google right as the ad was running.

Talking about social media and Super Bowl ads…

Ram Trucks ads ran on Twitter playing off other ads

Ram Trucks quickly amassed half a million views on Twitter with their social media Super Bowl ads that were including other ads – because you can well haul anything with a Ram, I guess.

No word from Ram Trucks how they created them, but I thought the campaign was well done.

Not sure why they didn’t use the #superbowlads hashtag were all of us were talking about the robots, beers and other commercials.

Well do though. Creative and different.