Sunrise run tips

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

I love sunrise runs. So much that I Google “Sunrise Cedar Rapids” on many evenings to determine if I have time to head out on one. I do the same when traveling.

If I have time, I try to be out and running about 20-25 minutes before the official sunset time. I usually run around 7-9 miles. At this time it usually starts getting light out. (You might remember that I don’t like running when it’s pitch dark.)

I start running toward the sun. In a few moments I will often get to enjoy a view like the one in this photo.


Beautiful and not too bright, yet. On an earlier run I had made the mistake of running away from the sun first and then towards it on the way back. Since the sun had come up a bit by then this was quite bright and not as pleasurable. I learned my lesson and now run toward the sun first.

I plan the run that I turn around by the time this pretty picture changes to a bright and beaming sun. Even running away from the sun gives me a nice view. The picture below is an example from a fall run.


I love sunrise runs. Timing and some planning can make them great.

One last thing: Depending on time of the year and location the temperature from when you start to when you finish can vary widely. Plan clothing accordingly.