[Storytelling] Why it’s harder than it should be to share your story in your own words and voice 

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  We all have a voice and can share our own authentic stories. Whether it’s through a podcast, blog post or Periscope, there are plenty of channels to share our stories. 

But that doesn’t necessarily make the actual sharing easier. Many people still focus on how they think others think they should sound as opposed to sounding how they actually sound and going with it. 

One of the nice things about live social media video is that people typically look like humans. They are who they are. Some of the best ones are fine with that. We can do that on every channel. We just have to set our minds to it and go.

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How to overcome writer’s block 

Sometimes people ask me how I overcome writer’s block. I have no writer’s block on here – ever. I just share my stories in my voice. I know it well now, but it’s been hard to get it back.

When we move through our lives, our own voices commonly are absorbed by our communities, leaders and even organizations. We want to fit in and standing out might be seen as bad.

We try to sound the way others want us to sound. Sometimes that means not sharing anything at all. Heck, we don’t want to get fired or something because we share our own story and the boss doesn’t agree with it. 

I’m not talking about bashing other people here by the way. I’m talking about sharing our own life experiences and thoughts. That’s easily done without any kind of conflict including specific other people in our published stories. 

But, it’s easier to just be quiet – so we think. Fitting in can be commoditized. Standing out uniquely cannot. 

We might need some empowering from others around us when we start sharing our own stories. Find your advocates – quiet and loud ones. 

The starting is probably the hardest part. When I first started sharing things people sometimes were worried that something happened. No, everything is okay. Thanks for asking. Just sharing some thoughts. 

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Once you get started people will expect you to share your stories. 

Sometimes we don’t like our authentic voice 

I have seen that to be the case. Examples of that:

“I don’t like how I sound on the radio.”

“I don’t like how I look on TV.”

But we mostly sound and look how we normally do – like humans and ourselves. Embrace yourself and your uniqueness. 

Sharing things in our own voices is hard only when we try to adjust it to somebody else’s expectation. Start with your own expectation first. Your truly interested communities will thank you for better stories. 

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