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[STORYTELLING] What’s with people posting travel pictures to social media and what CMOs can learn from it!

When many people go on vacation their social media opens up. They haven’t said much in months, but when they travel (business or personal) their social media stream fills up. 

  • Pictures from the beach 
  • Check-ins at this cool dinner spot – look what I’m eating 
  • We were upgraded
  • Etc. 

You know what I’m talking about. We are sitting at home or in the office and they are parading all the fun in front of us. 

My life is almost as perfect as I portray it on Facebook. 😱😂

But there are things Chief Marketing and Communications Officers can learn from this. But first, let’s look at why people’s social media postings go into overdrive while traveling. 

It’s really this simple: There’s more happening worth posting. At least that can be the perception. 

Just the airplane trip can be a goldmine for stories. Uneventful travel? Not sure that’s a thing. #wheelsup

There are new things to take pictures of, get offended by, you name it. It’s new and different. Ingredients for stories worth sharing. 

Then when we get to wherever we are going, the scenery is often beautiful. Utah mountains even seen from just inside the Salt Lake City airport are still worth an Instagram post if you live nowhere near mountains. Just here for a layover. 🛫 

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And of course we are excited and have time to think and enjoy

Those three items – excitement, free thinking and enjoyment – are exactly what we need to transfer to the business world for any communications exec to be able to install that Culture of Storytelling.

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Even when executives tell people that they want them to share organizational stories, there’s often some level of hesitancy.

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  • Do they mean it? Like really?
  • How come they aren’t sharing their stories?
  • Why is there 99 pages of policies?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • I’m too busy!
  • Only like 15 percent of employees are actually engaged and then – just mathematically speaking – probably 10 percent of those are even interested in public storytelling. 
  • Maybe your culture isn’t as enjoyable as the employee handbook makes it out to be? 

So the solution – in theory – for executives and their communications leaders is quite simple. 

Want people to share their stories? Their positive ones! Create that environment first. Stories help with recruiting and also business growth. Customers want to buy from businesses with great stories.

Once that’s done, create the structure to allow people to share their stories. At the least it includes these three pillars.

Them being excited 

People share things (or leave reviews) for basically one of two reasons:

  • They love it 
  • They hate it

The neutral people just are and keep their mouths shut. You want to address the situations of those who hate it and encourage those who love it to share. And don’t forget about the borderline neutrals. Move them up to loving it. 

This sounds a lot like politics. 😂

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Them being allowed to think

Some Industrial Age leaders are obsessed with every-second production. That doesn’t work in creative environments – and let’s be honest it didn’t even work in the Industrial Age. We are people! Allow people time to think. Encourage collaboration and teamwork.

Them enjoying it 

Why people enjoy a place can vary widely but chances are we need many different types of personalities. Figure out how we can make it most enjoyable. I know I produce much more when I enjoy it. I’m human!


We can learn from travel stories and use that thinking for our own businesses. We all have stories. Daily. We just have to catch them and feel empowered to share them. Move those travel strategies to daily life and the stories can flow and help our businesses and employees. 

Let the best stories win!

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Christoph blogs on The Authentic Storytelling Project and is a globally recognized content marketing expert. The IMA named him Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. He works with healthcare organizations and other brands around the globe.

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