STARTUPS ➡️ Clients are lining up – how to get paid? Check or digitally?

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I think of myself as more of a storytelling and growth innovator  kind of person as opposed to a numbers person. Though numbers can certainly help us tell better stories and help us tell better stories continuously if we can get paid for it. As a businessman I’m certainly a numbers person when it comes to getting paid! ? 

So what are the best and easiest ways to get paid? Here’s my process:

Process 1: link 

When a client doesn’t need an invoice or when they buy something direct from my site – like on this page – I often use a link. You can set this up in your PayPal account and it allows you to send direct links to people for specific accounts. For example is a payment link for $2. Once set up all you do is change the number for different payments. 

Payments are processed through PayPal. 

Step 2: Invoice to Go 

PayPal does allow me to send invoices but only from desktop and not their mobile app (as of this writing and as far as I can tell). So I use the Invoice to Go for invoicing. 

I can set it up to allow people to pay by:

  • Check 
  • Credit card 
  • PayPal 
  • Directly to my bank account 

And with the enterprise subscription it will automatically:

  • Tell me when my invoices were opened 
  • Send reminders to people for unpaid invoices 
  • Marks invoices as paid when they are paid by credit card

My favorite story that illustrates the ease of use: 

I was hanging out at the Next Page Book Store in Cedar Rapids for an author meet-and-greet. On my way out, they reminded me to send an invoice for sold books. I literally just did it right there from the app, emailed it and they wrote me a quick check. 

Super easy!

Advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods 

There are real advantages and disadvantages for the different methods. 

Digital payments

Just about any digital payment has a fee. When somebody sends me $4,000 via PayPal, over $100 gets deducted as a fee by PayPal. It’s similar with credit card payments and international wire transfers. 

The biggest advantage is that these payments post much quicker than checks, which arrive in the mail or are hand delivered. 

Many customers also expect digital payment options. I know I get irritated when I go to a business that doesn’t allow me to pay by credit card. I pay most everything with credit card:

  • To earn airline points
  • For the convenience


The biggest disadvantage with checks is that I have to stop by the bank to deposit them but that also makes you feel like you just got paid!

Payment wrap

To be customer-focused I let clients pay however they want through any of these channels. Paying your partners should be easy and offering options accomplishes that.