Sports innovation: How the cable camera TV channel offers a whole new experience that the in-stadium experience can’t

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I love going to sporting events in the stadium and I remember going to them when I was growing up. Adults would say that you go for the experience and not just the game. But there are different types of experiences – whether in the stadium or on TV.

In 2018 alone, I was in Toronto and caught the Yankees versus Blue Jays game, caught a 2. Bundesliga soccer game in Germany, saw an NHL game in Phoenix and will see an NFL game in Florida on a mile-redemption run. ✈️ I also saw a top division hockey ? game in Germany.

So I love going to the stadium and I have done that my whole life. I’ve also spent hours upon hours watching games on TV over the years and some sports are fun to watch on TV-though commercials are interrupting the experience more and more unfortunately. ?

And here is somewhat new development that has so much potential for the TV viewer experience:

I was watching the World Cup 2018 soccer final between Croatia and France on the Hulu cable cam channel. That gave me super intimate looks like this:

My daughters seemed to like the view but interestingly proclaimed that they like the “drone” view- and didn’t realize it was actually a cable camera view. The expectation was that this was a drone camera and not a cable cam -which is the system that’s been used for years, including in the NFL in North America. And the footage looks very similar to the drone footage people are publishing nowadays.

Of course, the cable camera view is just one continuous shot and there is no editing back-and-forth between different cameras. Some people might not like it but that’s life, right? Me looking around at a game is one continuous “shot” and there is no editing between different eyes. LOL

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During warm-ups a player was kicking a ball up high in the air and it was right there on the screen. It was rather cool. I also liked in the pregame show were the camera would move around and show different parts of the action and then also move and really close to show the performers.

The next evolution of cable cams might be to be able to stream them to my virtual reality headset and allow me to watch the game and feel even more in the game.

One of my daughters wearing a headset:

In an ever evolving world were consumer behavior in content consumption changes this technology has so much potential to find additional ways to offer a unique experiences for the viewers at home. Unique experiences are what can help us stay relevant and bind consumers to us.

and currently the channel is mostly run like it used to be run-from what it appears. There is one cable camera and they move around to get different shots that the main channel can then cut too. If this experience takes off and it can be moved into the virtual reality they might even end up using multiple cable cameras and maybe even drones to have angles to cut back and forth from.

The biggest disadvantage of the cable cam at times seemed to be that it was still too high up in the air.

despite a more intimate view at times you hardly ever see the faces of the players from the cable camera view so that’s a disadvantage as well.