Sometimes you can’t ask for permission…

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May I challenge the status quo?


Sometimes we just can’t ask for permission. We just have to do what’s right and people will see that it was the right decision. Sometimes it’s an educated gamble.

Whoops, did I just brand myself as a rebel? 🙂 I hope not. But seriously, sometimes, if we ask we won’t do it. We might not get an answer or permission. We over-analyze. We weigh the perceived and real risks – mostly perceived.

We don’t know for sure if something is going to work. Who ever knows, really? Things are fine. We don’t need to push the envelope. We are comfortable in the box and prefer to only think outside of it, but not do anything out of it.

When it comes to authentic storytelling and content marketing sometimes some of us still think of the two as traditional marketing. We try to control the uncontrollable message. Let’s message to each other and find that exactly right phrasing that we think will make somebody buy from us.

Good luck.

In authentic storytelling it doesn’t exist – mostly because it’s not all about selling.

It’s about being authentic, transparent and relevant. And yes, people can buy from you and me.

So how do we weigh the potential downfalls to not asking for permission?

We have a choice – no doubt. If it doesn’t work, are we willing to live with the consequences? Does the potential success outweigh the potential failure? Would it be worth it? If the answer is yes, consider it. If no, don’t. Sounds so simple. 🙂

Now, not asking for permission doesn’t mean to break the law or deliberately hurt people. Don’t do that!

It means that sometimes we take a risk when it comes to sharing authentic stories and helping others share theirs. Are we willing to take the risk and it is worth it? Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not.