Somebody needs to wade through all this content to find the stories worth sharing

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Some stories take time to unfold. Stories in real life aren’t like the movies or TV shows where it’s all made to fit into a specific time frame.

Real life stories can unfold over hours, weeks, months or even longer. There are down times. They don’t show the down times in the movies. Who wants to watch that anyway? Ha.

But to share authentic stories somebody has to wade through all the details to pick the right ones that engage audiences. Authentic storytellers do just that. They can sit and listen to people for hours until they hear those nuggets of information that stories can be  built around.

That doesn’t mean that some details are bad. But a lot of details are just to much for the attention starved consumers whose attention we have to get in seconds, re-earn every few moments and who starve performances.

We still live in a consumer/producer world and stories can be told by great storytellers in a way that is conciseengaging and educational.

That’s where content marketers, journalists and others with a nose for news – I mean stories – come in. Those storytellers out there who are slightly detached from the action, they can listen and pick out different details. They can summarize where needed. They can make the story engaging and help shape it in a way that allows it to be shared across numerous channels.

Every single person – no matter their background – can do some story shopping in their daily lives. It’s possible. But sometimes we can be too close to our stories to share them just right. Storytellers can help us with that. Storytellers sit and listen for hours to hear the full story. They happily grab those details that are easily missed by the casual listener and put them in a super engaging and very shareable format that has a chance of being shared from reader to reader.