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Some words are just too similar

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IMG_4312-3Many mornings I head to the gym long before the rest of the family is out of bed. Sometimes, I talk to my wife before I leave.

“Heading to the gym.”


“Why am I heading to the gym? Because I like to.”

“OK. Why?”

I think she’s saying “bye.”



This could have gone on for a while….

And while this is a super harmless example, mishearing words that sound similar can lead to huge miscommunications.

So, when a response doesn’t make sense in your own context, let’s remember to ask clarifying and non-accusatory questions.

It might just be a misunderstanding and nobody involved intended for the conversation to go down the path it was heading for.

She was certainly not looking for a 60-minute presentation on why going to the gym is good there. And I had no slides prepared anyway.

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