Some ways to blog feel less like work 

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Sometimes I blog on my smartphone – despite my laptop sitting just a step or two away. But, yet, I chose to type out a few hundred words with mostly my two thumbs inside the mobile WordPresss app.

I’ve said before that this technique can help us blog in those spare moments of free time. I’ve written blog posts on exercise bikes, planes and in-between  meetings – among other instances.

Those cases are different. I’m trying to make time to blog when I don’t really have time. 

Something else is going on when I have the option to choose the laptop – which in theory would make it easier – but actually choose a much smaller screen, which doesn’t even allow me to use all of my fingers.

I noticed, wondered and thought about that for awhile and I think it comes back to this:

Writing on a laptop is more associated with school (think a lengthy and probably boring paper) or work (think sitting at a work station). Writing on a smartphone seems more casual, more associated with “free time.” 

It’s not like I don’t use my phone for “work” things. I respond to emails, send invoices and instant message with team members. 

But writing on the phone is different. It feels more enjoyable – almost like a game.

Take my recently completed first book. Most of the chapters were first written as blog posts – many from my phone. Could you imagine how much more it would have felt like work had I written the whole thing in sequence on a laptop? 

I probably would have never finished. Ha. Granted, it did take some time to get chapters into the right order and some additional writing was needed to make it flow better.

There is a takeaway in here somewhere and it applies to these areas:

  • Employee engagement (including content producers)
  • Customer engagement 

  • User engagement 

Don’t worry so much about how something gets done but what process might make it more enjoyable for all these groups above.

After all, we care about the outcome and not how we got there – at least that should be the case.

For customers, that could be somebody at an organization they are calling actually answering the line. For employees, maybe they want to write a blog post from the park. For users on your website, maybe they want to zoom into the responsive website you created. So let the responsive design be responsive to zooming.

For great customer service and overall engagement we can’t be so stuck in established processes and tools. Do what works and make it enjoyable for those involved.

That’s when people will start sharing your positive authentic story – because it was an enjoyable experience.