Social media strategy: Sharing content relevant to your organization

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

It’s easy to be promotional, oversharing and irrelevant today when it comes to social media strategy. It’s so easy to promote my product every thirty minutes or so on Twitter.

“Please RT. Product XYZ, which is the best, can be bought right now by clicking on this link: (Here’s the link. I hope it works.)”

Sometimes, there certainly is a place and time to sell. And sometimes, there’s a place and time to share deals. We know of fitness enthusiasts who have gotten free supplements through brands’ social media contests and giveaways. That’s fine. From time to time. Once in a while. Not that often.

But, who will really continue to keep listening if everything is a contest and most people don’t win?

We hope that this post gives some ideas on how to start an authentic social media strategy!

We pay attention when it’s entertaining, new and/or relevant to us. Of course, the fitness enthusiast wouldn’t mind winning a bottle of supplements. But they also want to hear about related topics. The list of related items that we can talk about is endless. We have dozens of blog ideas written down, for example. All have something to do with authentic storytelling, of course. We write them down so we don’t forget them. Sometimes we circle back and publish a full blog post. Sometimes we turn the idea into a Tweet. And sometimes we don’t get back to the idea for a while – if ever.

Topic Ideas as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Let’s go with the audience of fitness enthusiasts. Your business could be a gym, a nutrition coach, fitness publication or something else related.

Topics that could be addressed include:

  • Healthy meal tips. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.
  • Here’s a new workout routine.
  • Things to do on a day off from exercising. You are taking days off, right?
  • Latest technology to use at the gym and during the day. Fitness related, of course.

  • How to really track calories.

Some of these items could stand on their own as  micro websites or focused social media streams even. The main take-away: There are many ways and topics to use to share relevant content that is engaging to people (aka: audiences).

Documenting social media strategy ideas

How can we share some of these things?

First of, decide that we want to.

Then, write down ideas. There are so many ideas that are worth sharing around us … Try it. Go to a meeting, hang out in a busy business for a while or just sit on a park bench. Of course, it helps if it’s a busier park. But even when it’s not there are probably still things that are worth noting. The key is to hang out where you are most likely to get ideas for your business or organization communication channels. So, if you sell air conditioners, hanging out at a park might not be that helpful for you. You get the idea.

Then share those stories on the proper channels. That’s the organization’s website, social and maybe even printed pieces if you have any.

Relationship alert: If you are quoting or including somebody else in your story, make sure to show what you are Tweeting to the person or persons involved before Tweeting it. You wouldn’t want to hurt a relationship. We have found that people usually don’t mind being quoted. Especially when the story fits with their brand.

What stories fit with your brand and are you sharing them?