[SOCIAL MEDIA] How to easily add animations to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter photos

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Multimedia – photos and video specially – are important on social media, but also can create a challenge for content producers. Taking unique and relevant photos and video takes time and an eye for something that is worth disseminating. Many out there use stock images only with their blog posts and social media. Long-term it’s hard to be different while only using stock images that anyone can buy online.

But clearly, pictures can help us differentiate and make our stories even more relevant. One way to make photos stand out is to add text – like a quote from the blog post – or a call to action. That can be quite time consuming of a task using more traditional desktop-based systems – but now there’s a smartphone app that allows you to add text and animate it directly from your phone. The app is called Ripl and I first tried it in May 2016.

Here’s the Facebook version of one animation that I put together with the app’s help and uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It took seconds to produce and distribute:

Basically, the app uploads these images with text as videos to Facebook and Instagram and as animated GIFs to Twitter. With the monthly subscription (currently $9.99) you can also save the video to your camera roll for later use.

Here’s how you add text and animations inside the Ripl app (once it’s downloaded to your phone):

This is the first screen to start creating a new post. Click on ADD PHOTO to add an image from your camera roll or take a new photo. Type in the text that you want show (and animate) on the photo. The primary text typically animates first, with the secondary text following. So you can have the continuation of a thought follow through two consecutive animations. Click the forward arrow (top right) once the text has been entered.



The next screen offers options for different layouts. And you can also change the font and color, so there’s room to personalize it to your preferences and brand.

ripl 2

If you end up signing up for the paid version, Ripl allows you to show your logo in the bottom right. Since I signed up through Facebook it pulled in my Facebook profile picture. That’s easy, except that’s not my logo and it’s easy to forget to delete it. As far as I can tell, you have to remember and delete the “logo” if you don’t want to show it on every new photo. You can do that by clicking on it.

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Ripl gives you the option to upload your work as a still image or an animation on the next screen

ripl 3

It takes a moment to create the animation, but once that’s done you can easily share it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also save it to your camera roll – if you have the paid plan. If you are using the free version you can share but not save it to your phone.


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Ripl is a nice and easy app to spice up my social media images. I’ll definitely keep using it for a bit here and see how my communities like the images I create with it.

The biggest negative could be that many can end up using the same animations. I already saw a few other posts that looked just like mine.