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Should you claim your (brand) name on new and emerging social media networks?

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What’s a good strategy for personal and organizational brands when new social media networks pop up?
Should we claim and register our name?(Likely yes)
Should we ignore it? (Likely no)
Should the name match across different networks? (Yes)

Those are all questions that 20 years ago we didn’t have to worry about in marketing. But today brand recognition across all networks is important – especially as new networks take off.
Over the years networks come and go, some stick around and some take off. It’s impossible to be on all and can be hard to even just be on the ones that count.

A good rule of thumb for me has been to sign up for networks that appear to be emerging. How do we know what networks are emerging? People are talking about them, typically we end up seeing some coverage in traditional or online media and their user base continues to grow.

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On many networks I am ctrappe and that’s what I try to use to sign up on additional one that are starting to grow, like when Instagram first appeared. What happened in the case of Instagram however was that I signed up and then didn’t use it for quite a while. In fact I can’t even remember when I signed up or what email I used. So when I went back to use my original Instagram account I couldn’t even login and the password reset function didn’t work. I assume I used an old email address.

The lesson learned is that it’s good to sign up and reserve the same names across all networks, but remember to make a note of the password for each new account. An account you can’t get into later is not much better than no account at all.

Of course, there will come a time when we either have to decide to use a network or to ignore it. Let’s say for example that a good chunk of our audience (a.k.a. community) is now on a new network having a stale account will look bad for the brand.

Participating on networks where we have potential for a  good-sized audience shows that we care and want to make connections wherever our audiences (a.k.a. customers) are. And having the same name across all helps our communities find us easier.

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