Should we put titles on business cards?

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It’s possible to totally live without business cards nowadays. But yet there are reasons that make them useful.

For example: I was speaking at the Media Growth Summit at the Loews in Chicago. Many gave me their business cards after my talk to follow up later with a number of requests:

  • A link to my PowerPoint
  • Questions about services
  • Speaking requests
  • Other

Getting those cards was helpful. It also reminded me of another newish trend:

Business cards without titles.

Titles used to matter and maybe they still do. I know companies where ever customer-facing person is a vice president, for example.

So there’s that side of the coin.

Then we have the case where companies barely disclose or promote a person’s title.

On some cards the title is left off. That’s interesting and can also be a good strategy.

It might even save money. I’ve worked at companies where my title changed:

Marketing manager to VP of Communications and Innovations, for example.

Of course you are now inclined to get new cards to reflect that title. Depending on what the title change was and what it means to the market that may even be necessary.

But now some people are handing out cards without titles. What might the reasons be for that?

Sales people

When prospects aren’t in the mood or need to purchase they also may not want to talk to sales people.

Taking the “sales” or “business development” off a card can alleviate some of that.


Sometimes it’s good to share that you are the CEO or another member of the c-suite. Other times it’s not advantageous.

So moving the title off can maybe help some conversations.

Just with my recent informal poll, it seems that I really only use business cards as a reminder to follow up. If we didn’t connect on LinkedIn immediately especially.

And to be perfectly transparent I only started noticing this once somebody mentioned it in conversation.

And then of course I started noticing it all the time.

Whether or not you try this strategy or not of course depends on your objectives. It might make sense to try.

Whatever you decide, there’s one thing that you still shouldn’t put on your business card no matter the objectives. ? Here’s what that is. ?