Sharing your story from anywhere

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baby talking on skypeTechnology is nice because you can basically share your stories from anywhere.

I’m thinking about my 10-month-old daughter for example. She can go on Skype and has a video chat with her grandmother who lives in Germany and they share their stories. Granted the 10-month-old is not old enough to actually speak but she is still sharing stories just by her appearance, by the way she looks and and her visible behaviors.

Grandma is verbally sharing stories and baby is actually paying attention and is listening. They are making a connection virtually. They’ve never met offline and there’s currently no plans to actually go see grandma in Germany.

Technology helps us share our stories from wherever. There are no more barriers.

It is better to share your story than not. Sometimes we do that in person and people might want to listen to you and being face-to-face to each other is great and builds relationships  but sometimes that is not feasible.

There are ways that you can share your story remotely. Let’s think about blogging. You can always blog and share your story that way.

Webinars are another way. You could call in on a conference call number with people in different locations and share your stories, experiences and learn from each other. It can be interactive, too!

Skype is another way.  I remember talking to a class one time over Skype. It was definitely an experience and  kind of strange.

You couldn’t really read everybody’s body language, couldn’t see their facial expressions.But bottom line is that I was not able to travel to where they were located but I still could participate with the Skype presentation so it did work.

The most important thing really to remember is that it is important to share our story no matter how we get that accomplished. Sometimes we might have to talk over the phone.  Yes, people still use the phone. Sometimes we might do a video chat. Sometimes it might be text-based through messenger or even through social media or blogging.

The key is to figure out what’s the best way, the most feasible way to share. Of course the best storytellers they use a mix.

Sometimes it’s face-to-face, sometimes it’s online, sometimes it’s FaceTime

But they find a way to share their stories.