Running without GPS apps is also enjoyable

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sights while runningEven though I love lifting weights much better than cardio, I still head out on runs – especially on the weekend.

I’m just a bit competitive so I used to like running with GPS. The app tells me how fast I’m going, how far I’ve gone and other potentially relevant information. I also track my calorie intake, daily weight and weights I lift at the gym. You can say that all of this helps me be competitive with myself. I try to beat yesterday’s version.

There certainly is nothing wrong with a little competition and being driven. Tracking performance, weight, etc., is also very helpful – especially if we don’t overthink or overdo diets and exercise regimes.

And then one day, by mistake, I ended up on a run without my GPS app. I didn’t know how fast I was going, what my pace was or how far I had gone.

It was kind of nice actually. Freeing even.

One negative clearly is that it’s hard to keep track of things. Before, I could say: This was a 80-mile month or 70-mile month or whatever. Without the app, I would have no clue, of course.

So there are pros and cons.

Since my accidental GPS-free run I’ve stayed with that way of running and no longer run with GPS. It’s freeing. I can enjoy my surroundings more. take walking breaks to take pictures and think. Instead of focusing on my exact pace or distance, I focus on thinking about other things, including problems that need to be solved.

Running on a treadmill at the gym, which I do as well, is about just the cardio part. And watching TV, I suppose. 🙂 Running outside is also about enjoying our community and surroundings.

runningTake a look at those bunnies – overweight from winter – slowly hopping across the trail. Or the deer checking you out. Or whatever else is going on or is unique to your location.

While I like competition, even if it’s just with myself, sometimes it’s about the journey and experience.

For now, I’m running without GPS tracking to enjoy my surroundings more.