Running to the gym to lift adds to workout

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running to the gym to workout

During the summer months I like to run to the gym, workout and then run back home. This adds another level of difficulty (challenge) to my workout and gives me a chance to enjoy the nice weather.

The shortest route from my home to the gym is about 1.8 miles, which seems to be a good distance for me to get warmed up and get a good sweat going.

I enjoy doing this but usually only run to the gym when I’m working out during the daytime hours. I prefer not to run in the dark.

Running to the gym to workout and then back home has pros and cons.

Extra cardio
Good warmup
Way to enjoy the nice weather and be outside

Can’t bring as many things (gloves, etc.) to the gym as usual – unless you carry a backpack
The run back could be hard
You might be really sweaty when it’s time to head home.

Overall, I like running to the gym from time to time. It’s a bit more difficult yet to run there, do cardio and then run back.

I’ve done that before but prefer to stay with the running – lifting – running routine.