Running in southern Iowa at the Honey Creek Resort

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running in southern Iowa - Honey Creek ResortDuring the summer of 2014, we vacationed at the Honey Creek Resort in southern Iowa. The resort along Rathburn Lake offers a nice place for a family get-away.

  • Daily activities for children and adults.
  • On-site water park. Our room was just doors from its entrance. Very convenient.
  • Trails.
  • Boat rentals.
  • Bike rentals.
  • A modern playground.
  • Patios come with lower level rooms.
  • A beach.
  • Small rocks to throw in the lake. (An easy thing to overlook, but children really like doing this!)
  • Fitness center. (I didn’t use it, but visually checked it out, and decided that I would just focus on running and taking an off day while here.) I would categorize the fitness center as your average hotel center. Some machines (weights and cardio) in a smallish room.

Of course, I wouldn’t let any family vacation go by without going on a run. So that was the plan on Day 2. I didn’t find a map (online – including Google, or offline) that showed me which trails might be best for my run. I did remember that it was about two miles from the resort entrance off the main highway to the hotel.

With that, the plan was to somehow run to the main entrance and then back to the hotel. I did remember some trails along the way when we were driving in.

I started off on a trail, but it ended somewhat abruptly. Another trail kept leading back to the main road, but there was only the road, with no further trail. One trail led me to a dead end on the golf course. (A very nice golf course!). I did end up running across the golf course’s greens, and then on the side of the main roadway into the resort to make it to the front entrance. There were some trails, but nothing continuously on my four-mile out and back run.

On the way back, I didn’t even try staying on trails. I stayed alongside the roadway – running opposite traffic, of course, for safety reasons. Few cars actually crossed my path on those two miles back to the hotel, so this wasn’t too bad.

running in iowa walking
Some trails are better for walking.

Overall, the run was a OK. It was hillier than my normal runs, but a nice change of pace. It was clear, though, that these trails weren’t designed for running. They worked better for getting from Point A to Point B and for a leisurely stroll, which I took my one-month-old daughter on the next day.


running in southern iowa at the honey creek resort