Running in Omaha

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running in omaha - heartland of america park in omaha
The Heartland of America Park in Omaha

I was in Omaha, Nebraska, to speak at WordCamp Omaha in August 2014, and found some time to go running in Omaha. Of course, I didn’t know where to go running since I hadn’t been there before. I did the natural thing and asked my friends on Facebook for suggestions. Here’s what they came up up.

  • Neale Woods nature preserve
  • Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge area
  • Zorinski Lake

The lake was a bit further away from the bridge according to my GPS, so I decided to head to the bridge for my run. Typing in “Kerrey Bridge,  Omaha” into the Waze GPS app led me right to the foot of the bridge. Interestingly, the way I parked and looked around I actually missed the entrance to the bridge, but spotted a trail across the roadway. I  started running toward the trail and decided to see where it would take me.

Lewis and Clark Landing - Running in omaha
The Lewis and Clark Landing in Omaha, Nebraska in August 2014.

The trail led me through the Lewis and Clark Landing to the Heartland of America Park. This park has a one-mile trail (approximate) that goes around a quiet lake. I took three laps to complete my 4-plus mile run for the day.

What I liked:

  • Very scenic.
  • Quiet.

  • I enjoyed having a lap that was a mile long, which made it easy to gauge how far I’d gone.
  • Parking was easy and nearby.
  • Google Maps location worked well.
  • Nearby restaurant – had I gone running in the afternoon it would have been easy to stop for a post-run meal.

What I didn’t like:

  • Several people were walking their dogs while not having them on leashes. One dog actually charged me and caused me to stop so the owner could catch up and control his dog. Nobody was injured but this was still an annoyance.
  • There was a lot of goose poop on the trail.
  • The trail was a bit curvy, which can make faster paces more difficult.

In a nutshell, running in Omaha was easy. Another option might have also been to run on the beautiful campus of the Metropolitan Community College, where the WordCamp was held. The next time I visit, I will probably go running in the same area again, but perhaps run across the bridge.

running in omaha map