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Running in St. Louis


March 20, 2015

My Fitness Tips

Washington University at St. Louis
Washington University in St. Louis

You know that I like to share where I’ve run while traveling around the country while speaking at conferences or meeting with clients. It can be a challenge to find a nice route so before I headed to St. Louis in March 2015 to speak at Wordcamp St. Louis for a second year in a row, I asked my Facebook network.

The resounding response was Forest Park, which I was told is also near Washington University – the location where I was speaking.

When I was done speaking I realized that it was 56 degrees out – so that feels like great running weather after the winter that we had in the Midwest.

I went back to my Facebook feed and saw the notes about Forest Park again. Unfortunately, I was a ways from the hotel and didn’t bring my running gear. So back to the hotel it was. It was about a 30-minute round trip and I was planning on heading back to Forest Park, but then saw a a trail right behind the hotel I was staying at near the St. Louis Airport.

The trail, around a small lake, was part of the Ramona Lake Park.

Running at Ramona Lake Park in St. Louis near the airportYou have to go down a bit of a decline, which was muddy in March 2015, but nonetheless I made it to the trail. This likely would be a bit harder if you are running with a stroller, for example.

There’s also a playground and restrooms. Not a bad park overall. Since the St. Louis airport is nearby planes are approaching every few minutes, but it didn’t appear to be the main approach path so it wasn’t every few seconds.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend it for longer runs but if you are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn, the trail is convenient and close by.

I would recommend it for a short(er) run and for the convenience alone.


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