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Running in Cleveland

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I attended Content Marketing World in September 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, and of course, wanted to go on a run. I texted a friend who is originally from Ohio to get suggestions.

Since I was staying near the Cleveland Browns stadium, he suggested that I could run along the pier and around the stadium. I looked at the map and thought that was a good idea. I made my way down Lancaster and north on East Ninth to head on my early-morning run. It was around 5:30 a.m. and still dark, so I could only imagine the view across the lake during the daytime. I saw two other runners on the dark pier.

Up and around the pier, over to the Browns Stadium and around it was a couple of miles. I wanted to go further, of course, so I had to make a decision on which way to go.

I decided to head up a couple of blocks into the city and then turn back toward the hotel-at least that’s what I thought. I ran through relatively well-lit areas. A few people were walking, some were waiting at bus stops. A few times I ran past people sleeping on the ground on the sidewalk. I assumed they were homeless.

After another mile, I didn’t end up at Rock and Roll Boulevard, which I was expecting. Maybe I was running the wrong way? I got out my iPhone and powered up the Waze GPS app and asked it to take me back to the hotel.

Turns out I was going the wrong way and was about a mile away from the hotel, which was not a big deal since I had access to the app. I got back to the hotel and finished a great early-morning 4.6-mile run through downtown Cleveland.

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