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Running in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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The Cedar Rapids metro area has a nice trail system that has been developed in recent years and continuous to expand.

Cedar River Trail
The Cedar River Trail runs north-south through Linn County and is good for out-and-back runs.

It’s easy to drive to and park nearby. Parking lots are at County Home Road, north of Robins; at Boyson Road, Hiawatha, and other places.

Every once in a while the trail is in the news after an assault or theft. According to media reports in 2014, a bicyclist’s bike was strong-armed from its owner.

In the mid-2000s, a woman’s body was dumped along the trail and her killer was later caught. Also in the mid-2000’s, a public defender out on a run was badly beaten on the trail.

Some people call it a bike trail, but it’s much more.

This trail is bustling with runners, walkers and bicyclists on a sunny Iowa summer day.

Cedar Lake
The trail around the lake in downtown Cedar Rapids offers downtown residents and workers a quick and nearby getaway for a quick run or walk. I personally have not taken this trail but have had acquaintances recommend it to me.

Boyson Trail
The Boyson Trail weaves through a scenic Marion and Cedar Rapids.

It connects to another trail that allows runners to start near Bowman Woods Elementary School, run towards Seventh Avenue in Marion and then take a hill with a decent incline to C Avenue NE in Cedar Rapids. Taking the sidewalks north on C and then east on Boyson allows runners to take a circular route of around 3 miles.

Parking is available off Boyson near Bowman Woods Elementary

This trail also has mile marker signs that were installed by the Metro North Rotary Club in partnership with Rockwell Collins around 2012.

This trail closes for weeks at a time due to flooding of a creek that cuts through the trail area. Seriously: Don’t run around “Trail closed” signs.

Trails conclusion
The Cedar Rapids metro has a nice and expanding trail system.

It’s great in the warmer months. Unfortunately it’s not that usable during Iowa’s colder month – which can range from October to May.

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