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Running in Dallas: The Katy Trail

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katy trail signsThe Katy Trail is great place to go on a run (or walk) while in Dallas. On my travels to Dallas I try to hit the trail at least once. There are always plenty of others running early in the morning as well as later in the afternoon and evening.

The 3.5-mile trail is fairly easy to find. I found it by typing “Katy Trail”” into my Waze GPS app.

What I like about it:

  • Central location. Close to the hotels I stay in.
  • You aren’t running alone. With other people’s around, you can challenge yourself by trying to stay close to other – faster runners. But you don’t feel bad walking either.
  • Katy Trail water stationWater stations. Adjacent businesses, apartment complexes, etc., put out water for runners. Very community minded and nice. There are also water fountains at three heights – humans, smaller humans and dogs.
  • When the trail crosses a busy street (sorry, I didn’t catch the name) there are stop signs for crossing motor vehicle traffic. And vehicles stop for runners! Thank you!
  • Signs along the trail remind us to take care of our dogs (don’t let them overheat) and remind bicyclists and runners nicely to get along. The trail has character.
  • If you decide that it’s not a good day for running, but you rather want to stop for a cold one, there are a couple of establishments right along the trail.

Could be better

  • The heat. Dallas is a bit steamy in the summer. That’s probably not the trail’s fault. I would recommend running in the morning.
  • While it’s great to have others around, the trail can get busy with people.
  • Signage. I have to say that it was kind of hard to find on my first trip to it. Also, it’s not showing as well as it could on Google Map.
  • Since it’s a trail, you have to do out-and-backs. So if you don’t like doing them, that’s really your only choice on a trail like this, as far as I could tell.

Overall: I would recommend the Katy Trail to anyone visiting and living in Dallas.

katy trail

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