Responding quickly is also part of being authentic

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Email, Tweets, texts, Facebook comments and who knows what’s next. When we are actually participating in our online and offline communities, people will talk with you and respond to things you say.

The way we respond and at what speed can also be indicators at how true our answers are. When we take weeks to respond to an email, weigh our answer over and over, maybe redraft it even, how authentic can that even be?

It sounds like that time when organizations (yes, some still do this) worked on their exact marketing message – the way they wanted to come across, as opposed to the way they actually are.

Don’t get me wrong. some responses do take time but that doesn’t mean that we can’t send an intermediate response and say that we received your email, will have to check into this and will be in touch as soon as possible. Of course, we can’t forget about the follow-up either.

Immediate response helps build relationships. People know that they are being heard.

For example, when let’s say a supervisor responds to one of his or her team members immediately with some kind of answer whether it’s an approving answer or whether it’s an answer saying that that’s not going to work at the very least the lines of communication are open and people know what’s going on and people know that they’re being heard. That is very very important so why don’t we respond immediately? Sometimes it’s obviously a time management issue. Let’s say somebody has 10,000 15,000 followers on Twitter and there’s a lot of engagement going on. Let’s say this is an organization and that the time commitment to respond to all those people that are talking to you is quite high. It’s important though.

The latest studies in 2015 say that people expect a response in one hour now. I don’t know if that is because most brands actually take much longer than that and consumers have lowered their expectations but I think it’s probably much closer to that 15 minute mark quite honestly.

Responding quickly and authentically with the answer that we actually want to give without messaging can actually help us build relationships and appear honest and authentic.

An example

I was reminded of the power of this the other day when I rated an Uber driver three stars out of five and commented that there were used tissues in the back seat. 

I got an almost immediate email from Uber letting me know that they will address this. 

Powerful and appreciated.