The stories we remember can help us

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stories that we remember help usMy second daughter was born in 2014. I was holding her and staring at this cute little thing, I started talking to her because I remembered a story.

The story was about a family that was using the RED Ahead program, a United Way initiative that helps parents teach their new children.

In part the story, which can be found on the website of the United Way in Cedar Rapids, says:

The parents could see she was responding to me. The dad said “I had no idea we should be talking to her. I didn’t think she could even hear us.”

 I remembered this story when I was holding my new daughter. This reminded me of talking to her.

It prompted me to have talk to her like we were having a conversation. I treated her like she could hear me – which she can. It was another way to get the family to connect around the newborn, too, as others were paying attention and responding themselves.

All because of a story I remembered from months ago.