How long does it take to rebrand a company?

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Branding can be hard and rebranding can be even harder. With a new brand, the task becomes: How do we get people to understand who we are, what we stand for, and that we exist. A rebrand can be different.

My credit union rebranded a while ago. They had to replace logos and names everywhere – including printed materials, buildings and websites. A new URL had to be bought as well. Their headquarter had the old name across the top of their building. That had to be replaced.

I have been part of rebrands before and they are a ton of work. From the replacement and updates to marketing materials, branding and more – which takes time – to market acceptance. It’s a large task. In 2020, the Washington Redskins started their rebrand. The Redskins are the NFL team I’ve followed since childhood in Germany when I watched their offensive line – The Hogs.

And in 2020, the Redskins have announced they will retired the name and the logo. The new name and logo have not been announced as of July 20, 2020, which is about a month and a half from when the NFL season will start – if it does start amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Rebranding and getting everything in place between now and early September would be a Herculean – if not impossible – task. Outside of the current situation, brand rebrand and take time to do that. I invited branding experts LeeAnn Eddins and Nick Westergaard on the Business Storytelling Podcast to talk about what goes into a rebrand.

When should brands decide to rebrand?

One example that comes to mind is when the standing of a brand in the market needs to be flipped from negative to positive. For example, a technology company that had a negative reputation attached to its brand changed to a completely different name, branding and more.

Of course, just changing the name and logo didn’t make the service good all of a sudden. So when rebrand is precipitated by bad customer experience, the customer experience also needs an overhaul.

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Nick’s On Brand Podcast covered the topic of rebranding at length in this episode.

Other questions discussed on the Business Storytelling Podcast:

  • How to start a rebrand?
  • What all goes into a rebrand?
  • How quickly can a rebrand be done?
  • Can a rebrand go wrong?
  • How about internal branding?
  • And more …

You can listen here or wherever you are listening to podcasts.

Connect with Nick here and with LeeAnn here.