[Prediction] Fitness app of the future will scan foods and know calories and other nutritional values

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I use My Fitness Pal to track calories and workouts. And I have for a while and it has helped me lose a bunch of weight over the years. Of course I’ve gained some of it back but it’s an ongoing battle.

The app allows me to type in foods and has a database of how many calories those foods have.

You can also scan foods and drinks as long as they’re packaged goods. For example, I’m drinking a 12 ounce Samuel Adams beer and I can just scan the code on it and it automatically adds it to my daily intake.

Then it’s easy to see where I stand for my total for the day.

But sometimes it’s quite frankly hard to know how many calories a particular food has. How many ounces is that steak? What sauces did they use? I have no idea.

Of course, technology evolves and often moves forward. We now have virtual reality video. We can do many things on our phones. In fact, I’m dictating this article on my phone and it transcribes it in front of my face.

So I’m thinking the next evolution of fitness apps will do the following. Well, maybe not the next evolution but one evolution at some point in the future.

Needed in fitness apps: It can take a picture of the food and then analyze what the food is and what calorie count should be recorded.

I mean we already take enough pictures of food as it is.

I take pictures on planes.

At home.


At restaurants.

Some of those meals are special to the restaurant. Wouldn’t it be nice if the apps would scan them-think like a QR code -and then analyze based on your location and image of food what the most likely calorie count is.

And I say most likely because when we’re typing in food names into the app today it’s really just a guess.

The location might also be important because recipes in the north west of the United States are likely very different from recipes in Cyprus in far southeast Europe.

Now that would be some serious innovation and who knows we might even get there.

So now that we got the food of the future covered. How about the drinks of the future?

I also take pictures of drinks quite frequently. That includes at the Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany. Here is a picture from a visit with my content marketing friend Mael Roth in Düsseldorf.

Maybe the next evolution of fitness apps can scan and determine what drink you are about to consume by smell and look.

Smell is a thing virtually untouched in digital technology like this as far as I can tell.

Why this matters!

First of all, this has real potential to be helpful to users. For companies that create these apps and that use them to draw attention-for example the app I use is owned by Under Armor which sells sportswear-being first with new technology is a real benefit.

Will this evolution happen? I don’t know of course but I hope so.