Powerful Content Can Make You Feel Something

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

When content makes you feel good, entertained, impressed (or something else that is meaningful to you) now that’s powerful. (Of course, it’s also good when you can learn something … but that’s a topic for another day.)

I thought about this the other day when I ran across a local brand’s video on Facebook. I was impressed by its usefulness, conversational tone and I thought it was interesting. I still remember my thoughts and feelings while watching the video.

Now, what’s interesting, in my opinion: I couldn’t even tell you now what the short video was even about. I do know it was related to a local business owner’s products and I thought it was a nicely executed strategy of engaging with audiences.

And I know it was shot with an iPhone. And I remember the audio sounded good, which isn’t a given when you shoot with an iPhone. I didn’t think of the business owner to be very tech-savvy before this video, so that probably influenced my feeling, too.

I enjoyed it and liked the person’s initiative. Hmmm. How could I enjoy the content then? It made me think, recognize and feel.

I want people to feel something and remember that feeling when they see my content. Really powerful content carries that feeling forward even after the content isn’t in front of us any longer. Now, that’d be powerful.

I shared this story several times now in passing with people I ran across around town. Everyone seemed impressed … even though I didn’t remember what the video actually covered I continued to share this brand’s story and helped it be known in my network. Just because of a feeling.

I helped this brand share its story and I didn’t even remember what it was. I shared the positive feeling and for some people this can still be powerful enough to remember the brand.

“Oh, yea, Christoph mentioned this new shop the other day.” If my audience views me in a positive light they might pass it along. If they see me in a negative light, they might not.

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