How I added my podcast to my Facebook page as a tab

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You can now easily add podcasts on Facebook to pages. I was just recently given the option to add my already existing podcast as a tab on my page.

While I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook I always look for new ways to distribute my podcast. And this is just another easy and automated way to do that. Here’s how it looked for me.

Facebook podcast notification

When I logged in I received a notification that I could now add my podcast. Keep in mind that I routinely share my podcast to all my social media networks and also use my name in the description. So I’m guessing Facebook somehow did their magic and matched things up.

It automatically pulls in all podcast episodes published after August 11th and pushes them to the podcast tab. As you can see it’s just pulling in my Anchor RSS feed.

Simply click “publish podcast” and it should be all set to go. It’s also cool to see that Facebook will allow listeners to share their favorite sections of the show and clip them and share them.

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Podcasts on Facebook: Adding the page tab

Simply go to the top of your page and click on the tabs settings and “more” and then add the podcast tab. You can also move it around to have it in a more prominent position if you like.

How podcasts on Facebook look

Here’s how podcasts display on Facebook and play natively once it’s all setup. The podcast tab now shows up on the mobile app but not yet on desktop and the iPhone app for me. That’s pretty common as many networks roll things out in phases.

Here’s how it looks and sounds…

Can every Facebook page add a podcast?

That’s a good question and I checked in some other pages that I have access to and they are not able to add a podcast currently. So once again it seems that this is a feature that’s being rolled out in phases. Make sure there is a way for Facebook to recognize that a podcast does belong to a specific page.

Make sure page admins are keeping an eye on the notification and you can always check the tabs and settings areas to see if the option to add your podcast is available.

The RSS pull might not happen the second you set it up.

As always, at the end of the day we don’t know if this is going to drive performance for a specific podcast or not. If you have a lot of people come to your Facebook page it might. I also don’t know yet how the new episodes will be displayed in the feed for example? Will they be highlighted or just tucked away in the tab?

But, given that it’s automatic including the setup I certainly think it’s worth setting up when you have the opportunity.