PODCAST: The difference between a paywall and gated content

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Speaking at the Media Growth Summit about B2B changesSpeaking at the Media Growth Summit in Chicago in 2019, I also heard Joyce Neth, a publishing exec, talk about the success her company – Watt Global Media – had with data walls – aka gated content. That’s very different from a paywall.

As a refresher, a paywall, means users have to pay to access the content.

A data wall, means users have to give their data – email, name, job title, for example, to access the data.

Gated content is also often used by marketers for whitepapers and such. The difference to a data wall is that gated content happens here and there. One whitepaper or content asset at a time – readable on all devices, of course.

Sometimes, it felt like me putting the email signup form on top of articles was somewhat of a data wall! At least it was perceived that way. People see it before they get to the content and sometimes it could feel like it has to be filled out! It doesn’t, but perception is reality.

Let’s dive into my conversation with Joyce about this topic on the Stamats Insights Podcast below: