PODCAST: Stop complaining about crying babies on planes and use headphones

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

And when is it okay to wear your AirPods? I actually recorded this show while walking on the beach in Aruba. And you can hear the beautiful background noise!

The birds are chirping, the ocean is right there. It’s wonderful. Nobody is playing loud music, there’s no yelling. It’s only 6:30 a.m., after all, but still! So peaceful and I enjoyed nature’s sounds for two days and for roughly a total of 18,000 steps over two days!

I chose to not wear my headphones on those early morning walks. But I did wear them plenty of other times when kids were sitting next to me and being loud in the whirlpool. Or on the plane. Or I’m wearing them right now sitting at the gate at the Aruba airport. It’s loud but I don’t care, because I really am not hearing all these people.

Just like FaceTime in public, there’s probably some kind of real or perceived etiquette when it comes to AirPods in in public. Let’s dive in…


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