PODCAST: More Meals Per Day Make Dieting Easier

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This podcast discusses how I’ve changed my diet from 2-3 daily big meals to 6-8 much smaller meals.

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Today’s podcast we’re talking about the number of meals we should be eating each day. I used to eat maybe two or three meals a day. Sometimes, I would eat breakfast, sometimes, most of the time, I would eat lunch and then I would eat dinner and while at the time I really did not countmy calories, I would probably guess that each lunch had probably around I don’t know 1,500-2,000, maybe more, calories and every dinner probably had 2,000-something calories so I would end up with about 4,000 to 5,000 calories a day out of two meals, so I was stuffed. I was full. I ate a lot and it could’ve been more. I’m not even sure.

Christoph at 330 pounds and in 2013
Christoph at 330 pounds and in 2013

Sometimes, I ate breakfast. Those were probably a little smaller, but I’m guessing probably around 800-1,000 calories. perhaps and then again, I’m just guessing. When I was 330 pounds, my waistline, I was wearing a size 48  jeans. It just didn’t cross my mind to count calories. I was in the mood for eating. I was in the mode to gain weight at the time, so, then when I started to lose weight, down 130-something pounds, my lowest I made it down was to the 190s, 195, which I haven’t been in quite a while, probably since  seventh grade or something like that, so.

But then I changed the amount of meals I ate per day. I went from two to three meals to six meals. When you eat six meals a day, you really can’t eat as many calories per meal. You have to really cut down on the per-meal calories. Plus calories overall. Could you imagine if I eat six meals, 2,000 calories per meal?  That’s 12,000 calories. I mean, that’s more than what a football player would eat a day, right? A professional football player, I think they eat around 5,000-6,000  calories per day. You really have to cut down the calories. Let me walk you through an example. It’s April 1, 2014, I’m in between jobs. I got some time on my hands, went to the gym in the morning. I had a shake early in the morning (170 calories.) I got home. I made some steaks, yes, made some steaks for breakfast (584 calories). Right there, I’m around  800 calories or so for the day and I can eat around 1,900 calories a day if I don’t work out. Today, I  did the elliptical for 60 minutes and I lifted for 25 minutes. That’s got me up to around 2,800 calories now so I can eat a little more, but each meal has to get smaller so I can have more meals. Ten o’clock comes around, another small meal. I made another small steak, yep. Really, just eating the meat from the freezer here today. Later on, I had some fruit. I had  bananas. I had a protein shake.

Each meal has to be small, but if you kind of space them out, every couple hours, every two to three hours, it’s really doable and that keeos your metabolism going. And you continue to feel full. You’re never really starving.

I remember when I used to work an entire day without eating lunch and I would work, and then I have a big meal at night and I thought that was healthy. Turns out, that’s wasn’t healthy at all. In fact, I put I don’t know how many calories in my body that night. Also, when you have these meals, eat slower and just enjoy the meal and take in the food. That really helps to feel fuller with each meal even when it’s smaller. The other thing that it does too when we have smaller meals, when we get hungry at night, sometimes, I get up at eleven or midnight or something like that, yes, I go to bed fairly early and you know I have a snack. I would even call it a meal now because my meals are 200 to 500 to 600 calories. Sometimes when you work out and when you’re at 2,200 calories after a good cardio for the day, you actually have calories left for the day to have a meal, the new kind of meal, late at night and you don’t have to starve. Don’t snack on high calorie foods that was the biggest thing.

Sometimes we snack to snack. You’re not even hungry. Don’t do that either. The other thing after your last meal of the day, your last planned meal of the day, one thing that I found that works for me is to brush my teeth. Let’s say I have a meal. I have something to eat at 7 or 6 and I’m planning on going to bed at 8 or 8:30 because I’m going to the gym at 4:30ish the next morning. I would go and brush my teeth because what’s the last thing that we do before we go to bed? We brush our teeth, right. No more eating after brushing your teeth. We’ll probably all remember that from our parents when we grew up and that still holds true today that after I brush my teeth I’m less likely to keep snacking so really, really important a good tip in my opinion: brush your teeth. If you’re really starving at 10, brushing your teeth at 7 is not going to make any difference. You’re still going to have a snack probably, but it is something to keep in mind that, that helps.

The other thing too is have healthy foods. Have foods that have the right amount of calories in the house. If I go shopping and I buy high calorie stuff, I will probably eat high calorie stuff. If I don’t buy high calorie stuff, if I buy fruits, if I buy lower calories kind of things, guess what, that’s what I’m going to be eating. If I have something in the house that’s a hundred calories or so calories, you know I’ve written about pickles before how I like to eat pickles because they have no calories. I would eat them. You know I’m hungry. I’ll eat them. If I don’t have it, if the only thing that’s in the house is a 400 calorie piece of food of whatever, then, that’s my only option.

Small meals, six to eight meals every two to three hours, plan well, I know that sometimes it’s really hard to have that many meals a day. I’m out doing something running around and I’m not even in the office or I’m not at home between 8 a.m. and noon, so what do I do? I bring a snack. I bring a protein shake. I put it in a blender bottle. I take some water with me and then when I have a minute, I’ll shake it up and I drink it. There’s a 170  calories or so right there. You got to kind of think about what kind of company you’re in, too. Sometimes, it’s kind of strange to do that so a protein bar might be better than a protein shake because it’s easier to eat, but you can always sneak in a snack or a meal because they are small. They are not a big plate full of food.

Hope that helps. Keep eating and exercising, just not excessively.

Christoph Trappe


Thanks for listening.