PODCAST: 5 Stages of Digital Transformation | CMO take-aways

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Tom Fishburne’s cartoon with the 5 stages of digital transformation hit home. And it kind of hurt that the final step is to get a new Chief Marketing Officer. Of course, he’s got a point and some companies do actually think that is the answer. And sometimes it can be of course.

But on the other hand, CMOs also must lead change. Let’s get rid of the change agents to accelerate change. That doesn’t work!

Of course, I’m assuming a bit here that the current CMO actually can lead change. That’s not always the case, of course. In this episode of the Business Storytelling Podcast, which you can listen to on 10 channels, I discuss this topic and offer tips to CMOs on how to maximize efforts.

Listen to the show below:

Here’s the book mentioned on the show:

It’s a fun and quick read of years of Fishburne marketing cartoons.