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Playing catch – the stories we remember

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stories we remember - playing catch - baseball glovesAs the summer of 2014 has come to an end, my six-year-old and I spent hours playing catch in our backyard. These are the stories we’ll remember.

  • Her catching fast throws easily.
  • The giggles.
  • The first time she hit a faster pitch.
  • The time her hit sent the ball over the two-story house.
  • Running the imaginary bases after a real hit.
  • Being tagged out “at home” by Dad.
  • Arguing the call. Kind of. The giggling didn’t make it much of an argument.
  • The high fives.
  • The times she was lifted over the fence to retrieve the ball from a neighbor’s yard.
  • And, of course, the debates on when to call it quits: “One more, Daddy.”

These are stories and experiences that we’ll cherish forever. Real stories are ones that we experience either personally or by relating to a story shared with us.

Chances are that if you’ve had similar experiences with your child or children, you relived those experiences just by reading the description of my story. You may remember the good times, or if something negative happened – like somebody was injured, for example – you remember how that felt. Just for a moment. We remember stories and feelings.

Great stories make us feel something. We identify with them – positively or negatively.

We also remember them years later. What makes great stories great is that we remember a feeling. I will remember how I felt playing catch with my six-year-old daughter. We don’t remember how many balls we caught or how many hits she had. We remember how much fun it was and how it made us feel.

That’s what great stories do.

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