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PICTURES: There’s nothing wrong with not wearing a full suit for a TV interview -sometimes 

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That of course assumes that only the top half of you is shown to viewers. 😱🤔😂

We certainly hear jokes of TV anchors not wearing pants because only their upper half is  shown on TV. And with more and more people working at home more and more people don’t necessarily dress up every day. That doesn’t mean they’re not wearing pants either, by the way. I always wear pants when I work at home – sweatpants usually and when I go on air I’ll dress up appropriately. 

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This whole wearing or not wearing pants on TV discussion hit the headlines and social media again when this video of a TV interview on BBC went viral:

His kids walked in during the interview and he didn’t even turn around. For the record, he was wearing pants, according to his follow-up blog post.

People were getting in a tizzy over him not helping the woman getting the kids back out of the room. Others started speculating that maybe he was not wearing pants. Or maybe he was just not wearing matching pants.

I can totally see that and even empathize with it. There are many days that I wear sweatpants when I’m not traveling or seeing clients. And why not? What’s the big deal? Nobody – except myself – is seeing me. And I’m not dressing up for myself. Ha.

When I’m traveling I wear a suit. When I need to be on camera for just a few moments I’ll put on a shirt, tie and suit jacket for that short time period. But, if I was wearing sweatpants for the rest of the day I will most likely not slip out of the pants and put on the full suit. They wouldn’t see it on-screen anyway.

On one day, this is what I was wearing:

That shirt by the way says: “Everyone is an influencer to somebody.” – @ctrappe

And then for 15 minutes I had to record an on-screen interview. For that interview my face and part of my upper body was visible. I even got a haircut the night before. And I switched into a tie, shirt and suit jacket. That looked like this:

Of course, on camera you could just see the upper body anyway.

Closer to this:

So why do I need to wear a full suit? Or why does it matter what else I’m wearing? People aren’t seeing my sweatpants! As long as it looked great on TV it’s all good!

But perhaps most importantly: Was the content presented useful and informational to viewers. I hope they were listening amidst all the wondering about what pants people may or may not be wearing.

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