PICTURES: Iowa weather craziness – is it still raining?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

As I was heading to pick up my girls in June, rain was dumping on eastern Iowa. Seven Inches in 24 hours, according to our backyard rain gauge.

Cars were driving in ever deepening water on the roads:

For you storytellers, here’s a tip: My 10-year-old was shooting the above in video, but it’s short and video is hard to upload on here from mobile only.

So I went frame by frame and grabbed screen shots. On iPhone, simply:

  • Watch the video
  • Tap it
  • Push pause below
  • Scroll frame by frame
  • Take a screen shot (side right and home buttons)
  • Crop that and use like I’m using it above.

Back yards and ditches were filling up quickly:

Weather events make for good photo opportunities and are one of the easiest ways to get content for news sites. When I ran Eastern Iowa News in 2009 all kinds of people took weather pictures and sent them in.

So of course the Trappes do that too. At one point during this June 20, 2018, weather event I put down the car window in this location:

There seemed to be an opportunity for some video and photos. There was. And then cross traffic drove right thorough that puddle and splashed me good. Ugh.

Those are the dangers we go through to get the better video or picture. 🙂

But, anyway, I thought the shooting video with the intent to use frames as photos was a tactic worth sharing with you.

Getting good photos of moving action with the iPhone can be a challenge. Shooting video can help with that.

I actually used this technique a decade ago while producing training courses. We would always shoot video and then use that and also grab screen shots for images. That didn’t always work but often did.

The same concept applies here. I have the chance to use the video but also have options for still images.

Some of the video frames actually show the impact of the rain the best. Here’s an actual picture of that same area of the car above:

While you can tell there’s water, I find the frames from the video do a much better job showing the situation.

So another tool for your storytelling tool belt. Of course, it can be used for other non-weather/emergency situations as well.

Photos by Rachel, Sophie and Christoph Trappe.