[CUSTOMER SERVICE] Customers should never have to repeat their request on the same phone call!

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It drives me crazy when I’m calling a company and get transferred and transferred and transferred. “Sorry, somebody else is in charge of that.” Every transfer usually means I have to repeat my request, restate my password, my name, remember where my wife and I met, etc. etc. Come on, people. This is not customer service. It’s a game of keeping the customer away from more important things.

So when companies break this terrible mode of operation, it’s a customer delighter and gets noticed. I recently noticed one when an online transaction inside the American Airlines app didn’t go through. I called them and the first or second person took all the details of my request: My upgrade request didn’t go through because of an outdated credit card on file. They did however have to transfer me. Ugh. This could take a while, I thought.

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The next person quickly said: “One moment, Mr. Trappe. Let me just review my colleague’s notes.”

Even though that took a few seconds, it was so much more pleasant than me having to repeat the request over and over and over, which is how some companies handle this kind of thing. She was caught up with the notes, had the right skills or access or whatever and took care of everything. #Done.

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Kelsey Guetschow, The Thoughtful Strategist, and I are finishing up our customer service book and it should be going up for pre-sale in the next month here or so. To be one of the first to know that our book is on Amazon, sign up for my newsletter here.

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 Bonus phone story:

I ordered Charlotte Hornets tickets and a parking pass on Stubhub. The parking pass couldn’t be downloaded for a couple more days. When it was ready, Stubhub called and let me know it was now ready for download. What a delighter. How many internet-based companies call? And I don’t even like unscheduled phone calls in general.