People won’t hear you if you are silent

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You probably have seen the studies:

Most people don’t share things on social media 


A small group of so called power users shares the majority of content on social media

Really, I could have told you that by looking at my Facebook feed. Sincerely, Researcher Trappe.

Really, let’s get started, friends. Share your stories. Don’t apologize for sharing them either. Just share what is meaningful to you.

When people don’t share their stories, it could happen that they will never get shared and there are many worthwhile stories out there. Everyone has some.

It’s OK if you don’t have children and can’t post baby pictures every 10 seconds. Or you might not go on vacation every other week. So no beach pictures from you. Don’t sweat it. Oh, and gym selfies are fine, too!

It’s also OK if our stories appear less exciting than some of the stuff other people post. You also don’t have to post as much as some of us loud mouths – I mean power users.

Just go at your own speed and share something that may potentially be of interest to others. Maybe share something educational or something that inspired you. It’s your story! Own it. Tell it.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Well, as long as you stand by it. Some stories shared have led to consequences. That doesn’t make them less of your story.

Don’t let your story die a death of going unfold.