People should be allowed to grow up on social media

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I love the memories function on Facebook that shows me what I posted that same day in prior years. It’s super interesting and I enjoy being reminded of some of those events.

But, I did notice that some of my early Facebook posts were just terrible. They weren’t even something I remember today. They were not memorable at all. Some were promoting stories from my Eastern Iowa News project at the time.  Take a look:

2009 facebook posts

At least, I didn’t post about my lunch, but these are close to that kind of not useful posting. I also was feeding my Tweets directly to Facebook. Of course, today I preach that sending one network’s posts to another is usually not a very audience-centric approach.

I would say my social media posts were early on in my personal journey  to share authentic and meaningful things on social media. They weren’t necessarily negative when people read them again today. they were just kind of lame.

But I was allowed to grow up. I’ve since been named:

Social media is a learning experience. The problem is that it’s so public and that some people – the ones that are perfect 🙂 – are unforgiving of missteps.

Somebody once said something that may potentially offend one person or another and it costs them a potential job. Other times, people face the public lynch mob and get taking to task for saying one thing or another.

Maybe they shouldn’t have published whatever it is they said. Maybe it was taken outof context. Who knows?

I do know that we grow and mature with every experience. I couldn’t have imagined growing up with social media at a younger age. And people would hold somebody growing up against them?

At some point, we’ll probably have to think of it as learning experiences, think of the context of when something was shared and the potential why. And then we may need to forgive, forget and move on.