Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving at the American Marketing Association Conference

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20130717-195030.jpgI was invited to participate in two hours of peer-to-peer problem solving at the 2013 American Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Conference in Arlington, VA. I was one of 24 finalists for the association’s Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Award. And while I didn’t end up receiving the award, I was invited to help problem solve issues surrounding social media.

The setup was pretty simple. Four 25-minute sessions with different people. The only rule that I knew of: It should have to do with social media.

From the program:

I speak to groups about social media but hadn’t participated in this kind of setup before. People could bring any kind of problem. I couldn’t really prepare beyond what I already knew.

I answered questions about email newsletters and how the subject line could help increase open rates. (Some audiences like specific subject lines. Others like generic ones. Test what works for your audience.)

We talked about how to break up complex content into snackable pieces that could be distributed through Twitter. (Through back and forth collaboration between communications and the subject matter experts. “If I simplify it like this is this still correct?”)

We also talked about how to define a brand’s voice and how to define audiences. (Answer here)

Overall, this was a great experience. Amazing how you can learn something when others ask you the actual questions. I would be happy to do this again.

Some of the resources that I shared with the group

My blog post on defining your brand voice.

United Way’s marketing blog

How to spot stories post.

Defining your social media strategy

How the United Way in Cedar Rapids distributes content