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pages and posts in WordPressPages and posts in WordPress look very similar. In fact, new users may accidentally publish new information via a page instead of a post. Or vice versa.

The two editors look identical besides the “Add New Page” line at the top. Other than that pages and posts look the same in the back end. They are also very near each other on the dashboard.

What’s the biggest difference? There are different usages and theories out there, of course, on how to use pages and posts, but in general, this holds true:

Pages typically contain content that isn’t updated as often, is less newsy and fits into a site’s sitemap. Some pages are top-level landing pages on specific topics and some have child pages, meaning those include information on a related/sub topic. The About page or Contact Us page are pages that most sites have and are examples. End-users don’t routinely subscribe to be notified when a new page is published.

Posts typically contain more timely content or content that is intended to be a blog post. On many WordPress themes – like ours – posts automatically show up on the homepage, readers can subscribe to get an email when a new post is published and generally posts are viewed a bit more fluid than pages. That doesn’t mean posts can only contain timely content. In fact, many successful blogs share “evergreen content” – content that still offers value even weeks or months after it was first published as a post.

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